Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Changes are Brewing...

I'm sure any of you who have visited my official site within the past week have noticed a lot of changes. My website has been in lingo for over a week- my original site host had a server failure, which later reverted back to an old and dated version of my work. I transferred my stuff over to a different host in the meantime, and that sparked my interest in searching for a new permanent home for my work. Well, I'm pleased to announce I have found the new home of Amy's PhotoGraphix! I've been working hard on it for the past few days, and in just a few more days, it will be launched. It features a complete flash site, with automatic gallery slideshows, so all you have to do is pick a gallery, hit play, and sit back and watch! Also, the new site will showcase a lightbox feature, which will allow users to drag and drop their favorite images into the lightbox for purchase. There are more features than I've just listed, but you'll just have to wait and see! As usual, this site won't go stagnant once it's launched. I'll continue my tradition of staying updated on new events and images, which will be exhibited on various pages, especially the main home page, which will feature the newest and my most favorite wedding images. When these changes are made, the site layout colors will change as well, to match. I'm so excited about the upcoming launch! I'll let everyone know via this blog once everything is ready to go! See you in a few days!

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