Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween! (well, almost)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays- not only because it allows me to act like the true child I am, but because it's also my daughter's BIRTHDAY! Since Halloween fell on a weekday this year, we celebrated it during the weekend at our favorite pizza joint, the Pizza Factory in Mauldin! She was a ballerina princess this year, and got TOTALLY hooked UP on the candy!:) Taelor also got her ears pierced in honor of her 7th birthday (wow.. saying that makes me realize how fast time truly flies)! I know how cliche it sounds but it really seems like yesterday when she was born. I remember every moment of the first week she was on this earth. SUCH a good baby! I was (and still am) very blessed..... Ah well,... on with it... This (was) our pumpkin. We always go for something scary. Celebrating. Oh,.. to be 7 again......

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