Monday, December 04, 2006


My boudoir sessions have been causing a stir lately, especially in the bridal community. These sultry portraits have been around for quite a while, but have only recently been gaining exposure and heightened interest in the local area. I think they are a fabulous expression of confidence and a romantic gesture of love. A lot of women are generally shy and self-conscious of their bodies to do this (mainly because of the dated, cheesy, and sometimes overly-graphic images they have seen by other photographers), but I can assure you that my sessions are casual, fun, and girly, you are in control of your comfort level, and on top of everything else, I capture you at your best angle, in the best lighting, so you are completely satisfied with the results, and so is the lucky recipient! Great as gifts, or on the contrary, a statement of independence & self-confidence. Consider this as your chance to be a little more bold or daring for yourself (as opposed to the slight pain and permanence of a tattoo), or if you just want to feel like a Victoria's Secret model for a day. Call for more info!

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