Friday, June 02, 2006

Getting Excited

I'm really excited about this coming week. This weekend, I've got a bridal shoot with Gina at my favorite spot in the upstate- (I'll post a few images when I get back). I'll also be leaving Sunday to go to the beach to visit my sister and family, and also to have MY bridal portraits done! I am so thrilled! I just give a quick rundown of my camera to my sister and she'll take them for me - she does a great job- she did my engagement pictures of David and I (posted below). I can not wait to see how my bridal shots turn out- I'll be sure to post them! In the meantime, I'm getting things ready for the upcoming Wedding Festivals show... things seem to be going well. I'm excited to showcase my portfolio in different ways than before, and to meet you fellow new brides out there! Now, I figured I should tell you a little about David and I. We actually met online (it really CAN happen!). I knew he was THE ONE on our first date. He was just literally the nicest man I had ever met.. we were inseperable ever since then! We got engaged a week before our 6 month anniversary, and have been counting the days until our big day! We have decided to run off to Florida by ourselves to get married on the beach. It's so much more intimate and special to us, and we can have a big at-home-reception when we get back from our honeymoon! I'm posting a few of our engagement pictures below. ****So excited!****

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